Rabbi Nina’s bio & upcoming teaching

IMG_0150Raised as a free-range child, Rabbi Nina Mizrahi’s deep spiritual center is rooted in the woods of upstate New York. After studying Biology and Environmental Chemistry in college, she worked in a research lab. Later ordained at HUC-JIR, her approach to Jewish life draws from all expressions of Judaism and is influenced by science, nature and neo-chasidism. Rabbi Nina honors all learning styles and inspires learners to think in new ways. Identified as a community rabbi, she seeks to bring together believer, atheist and agnostic, humanist, deist and seeker, to discover a shared tradition of ethical and spiritual values.

Rabbi Mizrahi, who was raised in traditional Judaism, is one of the first 100 women rabbis ordained by the Reform Movement. At the time, no other movement was ordaining women; currently women are also recognized as spiritual leaders in the Reconstructionist and Conservative movements and gaining recognition within liberal Orthodoxy. Rabbi Mizrahi encountered feminism in the mid-1970’s and has explored its impact on theology, politics, career opportunities and family roles. She believes it is crucial to promote intergenerational dialogue about the emerging and on-going gender issues that are defining the 21st century.

Rabbi Mizrahi is currently working with residents at the Northbrook Inn Memory Care Community Residence, as well as at Gidwitz Place for Assisted Living.  Beginning over a decade ago, she also serves as a civillian volunteer for the Jewish program at the Great Lakes Recruit Training Command.  Beginning this month, Rabbi Mizrahi will serve as spiritual leader for the Ames Jewish Community, Ames, Iowa.

Rabbi Mizrahi has also been trained as a “Wise-Aging” facilitator, through the Institute of Jewish Spirituality.  She also continues to study and teach Mussar, a practice of strengthening spiritual and ethical values.                            

Past teaching:


“From Silence to Voice: A Conversation”


Session 1: The “Not So” Still Small Voice
Session 2: Channelling Your Inner Eve & Your Inner Lilith
Session 3: Drawing From the Source: Women’s Creativity & New Ritual

Note: A session on “The Impact of Jewish Women on the Second Wave of Femninism” was offered for the Adult Jewish Education Consortium(AJEC) of the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Wise Aging: Become more present to the joys of being alive!       

 Inspired by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality  Wise Aging provides an opportunity for people in their 60‘s, 70‘s and 80‘s to:

  • Experience this life stage fully
  • Accept your changing body
  • Live with Loss
  • Cultivate practices for well-being

Location: North Shore Congregation Israel, 1185 Sheridan Rd., Glencoe, IL Facilitators: Bev Shurman Lavitt, LCSW and Rabbi Nina J.Mizrahi,

Adult Education:  “Now Is  the Time: Living with Meaning”

This class was taught at Beth Emet Synagogue, Evanston, IL, Limmund Chicago, and other settings.

The meaning of time is influenced by the flow of a day, a month and a season. Our physical, emotional and spiritual energy levels rise and fall throughout the day. Associations with the moon include wisdom, dreams, changes in life, journeys, intuition, and cycles. The natural seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn each add another overlay of meaning and metaphor.

The Jewish calendar and liturgy use these cycles and natural rhythms as prompts for spiritual and ethical growth. Explore meaningful practices that tap into these ancient rhythms and frame our lives with love.

This session is an introduction to how time can shape your spiritual life.

Inquire about teaching and speaking for chavurot, friend groups, synagogues, institutions:

  • Spirituality walks in the Chicago Botanic Gardens
  • Mussar(personal ethics)
  • Valu-Abled Leadership training
  • Spirituality; reimagining prayer
  • 21st Century Torah, Judaism and environmental sustainability
  • Life Cycle Ceremonies (birth, weddings, special anniversaries, funerals) 
  • Pre-marital counseling

Contact information: ninajanemizrahi@gmail.com


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