“Your wilderness will become like Eden”

Shabbat Eikev

Second of seven weeks of comfort
leading up to Rosh Hashanah

Inspired by excerpts from this week’s Haftarah (Isaiah 49:14-51:3)
(revised 6 August 2017/ 14 Av 5777)

Birds-Flying free  Getting to Eden

Your wilderness will become like Eden (Is. 51:3)

Each drop of rain

Invites Paradise

A blossoming of beauty beyond description

Disrupts the arid wilderness

If only briefly…

Each awakening

Invites Paradise

A blossoming of gratitude

Transforms an arid soul

Into a Garden of Eden

If only briefly…

In the wilderness of the soul

Just beneath the surface

Ready to flourish

Paradise awaits

Summoning seeds of possibility

Already planted in

Children, adults and elders

The sure, the ambivalent and the questioning

Those connected and those disconnected

Those seeking and those hiding

The joyous and the angry

No distinction

No separation

           There is only Eden

It is us.

Imagine what would happen

Every parched soul quenched


Unique souls connecting

This DIVINE flow

Connecting each to the ONE

Invite a blossoming of breath

               Inhale joy

                    Exhale sorrow

Chai Ani – I am alive (Is. 49:18)

Morning by morning (Is. 50:4)

“And who is this aliveness in me?”(1)

“Is it not the Blessed Holy One?”

Gather this aliveness  into

A bouquet of unity –

Na’amda yachadLet us stand together (Is. 50:8)

      In this garden of blessed possibility


Your wilderness and my wilderness,

Your paradise and my paradise together

Will become like Eden

Gladness and Joy

Thanksgiving and the sound of music (Is. 51:3)

Will resound

Baruch tih’yeh

May you be blessed “(Dt. 7:14)

(1) A niggun called “I Am Alive” (Chai Ani) was composed by Rabbi Dovid Zeller, z”l(of blessed memory). Visit http://www.davidzeller.org/aliveness

SPIRITUAL PRACTICES                                   todah

Awaken gratitude

Quench     IMG_0270     Your parched soul

     Celebrate being alive    IMG_0265

                                      Inhale joy IMG_0268  Exhale sadness

       almond-blossoms Nurture a blossoming of …

      Harvest IMG_0357 a bouquet of unity

Stand together as One                                            IMG_0267

 Cultivate  gladness /sasson & joy/simcha

 Wishing you a beautiful week.

Shavuah tov,

Nina J. Mizrahi
Community Rabbi
Chicagoland & Ames Jewish Congregation, Ames Iowa

© 2017 by Nina J. Mizrahi
Do not duplicate


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