Get us to safety

be-prepared   Shabbat Shuvah 5777

We are getting better

At executing complex evacuation plans

During weather crises

Mom, 87, got to a shelter around 1:30am this morning

Amazed, I was able to reach her by cell phone

Felt relieved to hear she is settling in,

Knowing she was not alone.

Called Dad – didn’t get through the first time

Thought the cell phone service was already out,

But was comforted to hear his voice when I tried later.

He was getting ready to join all the residents of his assisted care community

In the main building.

Mom, Dad and many others will be safe.

Hopefully others have evacuated themselves and will be safe.

In this moment we know that nothing matters more

Than saving a life.

Got me thinking

That sometimes it is easier to

Get people to physical safety

Than to emotional or spiritual safety.

There isn’t a plan executed by the spiritual armed forces

For those who need help

And for those who must choose to help themselves

They may even believe there is nowhere to go

This breaks my heart – and should break yours as well

The storm of disruptive change is upon us

We have inadequate, or in some cases non-existing, evacuation plans

People are suffering; souls searching

Avinu Malkeinu, forgive us, pardon us, grant us atonement

For having only partial evacuation strategies

For failing to prepare adequately for the anticipated and the unexpected

And for not grasping the depth of what is at stake –

Avinu Malkeinu, forgive us, pardon us, grant us atonement.

Help us turn inward to recover connection with Center of DIVINE LOVE.

Help us turn outward to our family and friends in reconciliation and peace.

Then we will be ready to listen

Reveal to us a plan for reclaiming community as a central part of our lives

Help us trust this plan

Guide us as we conceive of a sacred evacuation plan

Through which we save ourselves

And get to safety those at risk of being lost to us

Open our eyes with vision, our hearts with courage and our hands with perseverance

Return us to the path of community

Even if what we build is markedly different from what once was,

New life will be breathed into our days together.

And hope restored.


Rabbi Nina J. Mizrahi, Community Rabbi ©2016


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