Return to the land of your soul

Week #6: Return To The Land Of Your Soul

Ki Tavo…

When you come into the land of your soul

Experience a returning,

To your inner “promised land”

Flowing with the milk and honey of

Humility, gratitude, compassion, generosity, righteousness, devotion and sacrifice.

Offer these first fruits

To the universe

Stand with the people

Speak aloud your shared remembrance

Redeemed from the narrow place,

The misery of enslavement, of the suffering

That broke your heart or the heart that you broke


Call to memory and name that place for what it is


To the plight of the fugitive, the oppressed and those who toil without a living wage.

Share the legacy of an ancient, ever-renewing and emerging wisdom

Of which you and I and we and they are a vital part

Bequeathed to all willing to receive and engage

This is the purpose of our liberation

Each of us is a land of promise

We are the fertile soil from which we will harvest

Virtues and values that heal and redeem

Milk and honey flow through us

Sweetening the hurt, bitterness and disappointment


Now is the time to come into ourselves

To share the bounty

Of our agricultural, financial, intellectual, and spiritual harvests

With all who are in need

“that they [too] may eat within your gates and be satisfied” (Dt. 20:12)

This is the fruit of our first harvest

To offer an outstretched hand

Pulling others, anyone

From the dark, narrow places

Of broken hearts, minds and bodies

To a land flowing with dignity, compassion and loving kindness


Ki tavo – Entering into your, my and our promised land,

Forgive and ask to be forgiven

Transform your wandering into roots

Reaching from the depths of your soul

To the heights of the heavens

This is teshuvah


Return again, return to the land of your soul.

Return to who you are. Return to what you are.

Return to where you are.

Return to the land of your soul (Shlomo Carlebach)


In this very moment of transition

In the sacred place between leaving and entering

You and I and we and all shall be blessed.

Shabbat shalom,

Rabbi Nina J. Mizrahi, Community Rabbi



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