Awaken Possibility


5 Elul 5776
Parenting tip: blow shofar to wake your kids up during Elul!


Instructions for the fourth week of comfort:

Comfort walks before you, and comfort follows at your heels.

Awaken yourself

Awaken to yourself

Arise from your stupor

How shall comfort find you if you slumber?

Wake up!

Wake up!

Tear loose the grip of whatever is choking the life out of you

Hineini – Believe I am here for you

Turn away from those who mock, ridicule and scorn

Shake off the dust of defensiveness and defeat

Go forth


Each footstep deliberate

Mindful that while your journey is your own

Others around you are at various stages of

Awakening and opening

Walking with uncertain or sure footing

All on a journey through the month of Elul

Reflecting, regretting, repenting and returning

Conscious and mindful

Heart, mind and soul open and aware as

The truth of how we have conducted ourselves is revealed

Courageously, we embrace our vulnerability

Hineini – Believe I am here for you

The sound of the shofar calls

Each day

Relentless with possibility

Forgiveness the hopeful victor

Over deeds that hold us captive

Listen, believe

Open yourself with intention

Because whatever you need to face

Comfort walks before you

And comfort follows at your heels.


Shabbat shalom,

Rabbi Nina J. Mizrahi, Community Rabbi

Shabbat Shof’tim Deuteronomy 16:18-21:3/ Isaiah 51:12-52:12


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