2nd week of comfort:Your wilderness will become like Eden

desert_flowersShabbat Ekev

Instructions for the 2nd of seven weeks of comfort

                               Inspired by excerpts from this week’s Haftarah (Isaiah 49:14-51:3)

Your wilderness will become like Eden (Is. 51:3)

Each drop of rain

Invites Paradise

The blossoming of beauty beyond description

Disrupts the arid wilderness

If only briefly…


Each awakening

Invites Paradise

The blossoming of gratitude

Transforms an arid soul

Into a Garden of Eden

If only briefly…


In the wilderness as in the soul

Just beneath the surface

Ready to flourish

Paradise awaits summoning

The seeds of possibility already planted

Within each of us

And all of us

Child, adult and elder

The sure, the ambivalent and the questioning

Those connected and the disconnected

Those seeking and those hiding

The joyous and the angry

There is no distinction

No separation.

There is only One Eden

It is us


Imagine what would happen

If every parched soul was quenched

Once beyond comprehension or grasp

Each would see herself in the other

Together a profound Oneness


Begin with yourself, inviting

A blossoming of awareness –

Chai AniI am alive (Is. 49:18)

Morning by morning (Is. 50:4)

“And who is this aliveness in me?”(1)

“Is it not the Holy Blessed One?”


Guard your speech, opening to

A blossoming of empathy and kindness

For [a] well-instructed tongue sustains the weary. (Is. 50:4)

Draw from the well of human dignity, demanding

A blossoming of justice –

Through rodfei tzedekthose who pursue justice (Is. 51:1)

Gather the blossoms, mindfully creating

A bouquet of unity –

Na’amda yachadLet us stand together (Is. 50:8)

In the garden of blessed possibility we have nurtured together


Your wilderness will become like Eden

Our wilderness will become One Paradise

Gladnesssasson and Joysimcha

Thanksgiving – todah and the sound of music – zimra(Is. 51:3)

Shall endure

Then we shall be Eden and Eden shall be us.

Baruch tih’yeh –

May you be blessed (Dt. 7:14)

May we be so blessed.


(1) A niggun called “I Am Aline” (Chai Ani) was composed by Rabbi Dovid Zeller, z”l(of blessed memory). Visit http://www.davidzeller.org/aliveness

Rabbi Nina J. Mizrahi, Community Rabbi, 22 Av 5776       © 2016 by Nina j. Mizrahi


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