1st week of comfort: Between a person & her soul

self forgiveness - heart - Love The Jewish calendar holds space for feasting and fasting, regretting and repenting, remembering and discovering anew. Each festival has its own texts, customs and embedded values. Each season connects to the seasons of our soul. Both linear and cyclical, time is shaped by memory, experience and vision.

This past week Tisha B’Av was observed, marking the destruction of the primary, centralized Jewish Institution. Spiritually, it represents a break in the Divine Cosmos that only we can repair through acts of love and righteousness.   This repair is guided by our journey through personal and communal grieving, reflecting and rejoicing. Each day, week and month connect us to a rhythm of meaning. We have now entered into a period known as the “seven weeks of comfort.” During this time, we prepare for the rebirth and renewal of a new year, marked by Rosh Hashanah.

A meditation based on the Haftarah for each week will be offered to enrich your soul-trek. Feel free to share your reflections on the blog page.

May consolation and comfort free you to examine the obstacles of your life with curiosity, compassion, and hope.

Safe travels.

Nina J. Mizrahi, Community Rabbi

11 Av 5776/ 15 August 5776

Instructions for the first week of comfort:        Between a person and her soul – Bein adam l’atzmo

“Raise up your voice with power” (Is. 40:9)                                                                         Harimi vakoach koleich

“Raise up your voice with power” (Is. 40:9)


By returning to yourself.

Pay attention

To your weeping  soul


Regret running through your veins

Dissolving the shell of judgment

Which has encased your heart

Made hard by disappointment, denial, anger, hurt…

Thickened by layers of

Words or silence

Action and in-action

Holding back judgment and apathy

“Raise up your voice with power” (Is. 40:9)

Greet what is revealed

With compassion and curiosity

Witness the fullness of

Your own pain

Be with what is

As it is


Filling your lungs

With cleansing breath

Exhale what does not serve you

On this journey

Turn your love inward

To dissolve the hardened layers

Fill your heart with love

To the point of bursting

“Raise up your voice with power” (Is. 40:9)

Speak truth with compassion

Bare your soul

Invite self-forgiveness


Rabbi Nina J. Mizrahi

Community Rabbi

11 Av 5776/ 15 August 2016


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