Be a blessing

Wildacres Retreat Center, North Carolina

Dedicated to my teacher, Rabbi Jonathan Slater & the Institute for Jewish Spirituality

High in the mountains

We walked through clouds.

Each day accompanied

By the silent flutter of butterflies

Each night

By the perpetual sound of katydids

In that holy place

We explored

What it means

To cultivate love

By facing life’s difficulties

With openness, acceptance and grace

In the midst of life’s ups-and-downs

To meet obstacles, disappointment and failure

With open hearts

We held each other’s

Heartache and brokenness

And there found divine Love

Hidden within perceived obstacles

We learned from texts

How to build an altar from a broken heart

Questions and doubts were heard

Without interruption or judgment

No fixing

Being with

What is as it is

Holding joy and despair

With love

Discovering within that acceptance


for the mundane

Discovering the sacred

In the everyday

Praying and learning,

Engaging and celebrating

Singing and dancing

Discerning the Divine

All the while

Discerning the Divine

Within ourselves and one another

Everything is God

There is nothing but God

It is not about you or me

Everything is part of the One

The Source of All

Unfolding within each moment

Transforming us from within

Building an ark,

A vessel of refuge

In the flooding waters of suffering

That we may survive

Even thrive

Held by goodness and compassion

For one reason alone –

To be a blessing



Rabbi Nina J. Mizrahi

Community Rabbi

8 Av 5776/ 12 August 2016


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