Embodied Stories


Hands.jpg Embodied Stories


My body has many stories to tell

They are filed

In bones, muscles, connective tissue and organs

By genre,

As in a library

Stories I have spun, co-authored or inherited

Part fact, part fiction

Tragedy, fantasy and adventure

Mystery, comedy and documentary

Endings of relief, joy, peacefulness and connection

Of regret, loss, trauma and brokenness –

Sometimes intertwined.

Thankfully, my spirit is resilient,

And always has been.

In my mind,

No step of self-reflection or opportunity for emotional growth

Was missed along the way

To healing and wholeness.

Yet each time

The knowing, kneading hands

Of the massage therapist

Move deeply, following

Connective tissue to points of attachment.

Inevitably and often surprisingly

Revealing remnants of the stories

Still embedded in my physical body.

And so, visit after visit,

Layer by layer, story by story,

My life unfolds in that tiny room

On that narrow table

Covered only with a white sheet.

Listening to the lull “massage music”

Drawing me into a meditative state

Which invites the mind to be elsewhere

But sometimes all I can do

Is breathe into the pain

And pray for the knot to dissolve

Or hope it does not relocate.

No conversation to distract

As each embedded story surfaces

With gratitude and patience

I notice, acknowledge and try

To let go.

And let be.


Rabbi Nina J. Mizrahi, Community Rabbi

25 Sivan 5776/ 1 July 2016





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