Recipe for Thanksgiving


Recipe for Thanksgiving


  • Courage(Ometz lev)
  • Appreciation (Hoda’ah)
  • Awareness(Da’at)
  • Humility (Yirah)
  • Compassion(Rachamim)
  • Conscience (Tzedek)
  • Kindness (Chesed)
  • Graciousness (Chein)
  • Generosity(Tzedakah)
  • Love(Ahavah)


  1. Upon awakening, give thanks for all blessings, large and small.
  2. Breathe in the energy of life with awareness and gratitude.
  3. Open eyes, ears, and heart to abundance and dearth.
  4. Enter the day with courage and strength.
  5. Guide your steps with passion.
  6. Do what is good.
  7. Act justly and walk humbly.
  8. Seek relief, rescue and prosperity.
  9. Console and support.
  10. Nourish and sustain all living things.
  11. Provide safe shelter.
  12. Steward the earth faithfully.
  13. Sow, reap and share the bounty.
  14. Fill mouths with laughter and joyous song.
  15. Love yourself.
  16. “Love each person like yourself.” (Lev. 19:18)
  17. Seek peace- “every day, at all times, and in every hour.”(Birkat HaMazon)
  18. At the end of each day, write in your “Gratitude Journal.” (see example below, or just go to google images and search for “gratitude journals”
  19. Pass this recipe on from generation to generation.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nina J. Mizrahi, Community Rabbi

7 Kislev 5776/ 19 Novembre 2015

Gratitude Journal




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