Giving Birth to Meaning

Shabbat Bereishit:  In the beginning, each day was revealed as a gift. Everything needed to sustain life was thoughtfully put in place. It was all good….but not yet very good.

From the very beginning, the Creator sought…balance and equanimity, discernment but not detachment, expansiveness and not constriction.  In this creative endeavor, everything was valuable, but had no value. Something was missing.

The Holy One looked inward, discovering something surprising. The world was not yet complete. With one more act of creation, life would give birth to meaning. And so, humanity was born out of divine inspiration.  But this creation was like no other. Humanity was filled with dualities – the capacity for love and apathy, soul-u-lar lightness and darkness, the waters of inspiration and the thirst of neediness, strength and weakness of every form. So, the Creator planted within every being the potential to evolve spiritually, emotionally and ethically. And in that moment, everything changed. Now this being could choose equanimity over imbalance, discernment over detachment, fulfillment over materialism. Even then, however, the Holy One understood that such “work” required a different kind of space – space within time itself.

This is why the Source of Life ceased creating after the sixth day. And the seventh day was formed with the potential for rest, reflection and renewal. And on this day, humanity discovered that detaching from the materiality of the rest of the week made space for an experience not otherwise possible. And in this space, humanity was able to access the blessed freedom from all that constricts, inviting in wonder, joy, and profound appreciation for the amazing blessings of creation.

In this “oasis of time” we came to understand that the experience of daily life can be constrictive. Shabbat invites us to rediscover how to expand our hearts, making space for the inner Life Force to thrive, filling us with a sense of wholeness and peace.

Shabbat is the greatest gift ever given. On this day, we can give ourselves permission to experience being itself, and, if we allow ourselves, we can our inner Eden, if only for one blessed day. In this state of being, we can use our capacity to detach from all that brings us low and attach to the highest form of our selves. And, in that moment, one by one, we restore the hope that one day every day will make real the hope of a world filled with healing, hope and peace.

Shabbat shalom.

Rabbi Nina

Community Rabbi


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