Regret alone cannot return us

We pay a high price for regret.

The season of reflection is upon us

Fixing a time to assess the meaning of our lives

The quality of our relationships

We can taste the sweetness and bitterness that coats our tongues

Feel the peacefulness and havoc in our hearts

The outrage and complacency of our souls

A meaningful journey through this season can change us

If we face the truth of whom we are – with forgiveness and without judgment.

Directing comfort and compassion inward,

We can identify where we have missed the mark

And meet it with honesty supported by loving kindness.

Create an opportunity to remove obstacles

And summon the courage to get our lives back on track

Relief replaces regret

Empowerment overcomes stagnation

Engagement builds new connections

The harvest festival of Sukkot

Falls on the heels of Yom Kippur for a reason

Cleansed and renewed, we experience a spaciousness of being

Clarity of heart and soul frees us

To gather in the cornucopia of a glorious bounty

Our tables set with gratitude

Breaking bread outdoors

Our Sukkah overflowing with guests

Human and divine.

We drink in joy in a setting of complete vulnerability

To ready ourselves for the winter that will surely follow.

If we are prepared

The cold will not overcome us

We will plant and cultivate spring blossoms

Dancing in the spring rain, we will reaffirm life

In the summer heat, the respite of even the slightest breeze will be welcomed

The same applies to the seasons of our heart.

If we slack off and are not diligent

About the quality of our character, values and actions

We will lose focus and perspective

And possibly our way

Regret alone cannot return us

Thankfully, the season of reflection and return is upon us

A new year begins

While we have no control over the seasons or even our circumstances

We can choose to live a fulfilled, meaning-filled and purposeful life

Which prepares us to

Face challenges and conflicts

Pursue peace and justice

Live with kindness and compassion

And love with an open heart.

May you and those you love inscribe yourselves in the Book of Life for a sweet new year!

Rabbi Nina J. Mizrahi, Community Rabbi

4 Tishrei 5776/ 17 September 2015


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